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Spider Webs

Create these sweet and salty wispy treats from pretzel sticks and your choice of chocolate. These are such a hit with grownup and kids alike.

Chocolate Spider Webs.jpg
White Spider Webs.jpg


  • Pretzel sticks - 1 small package

  • Chocolate melts (white or dark chocolate) - 2 cups

  • Sprinkles of your choice

  • Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon (optional)

  • Piping bags or ziploc bags


  1. Line sheet pan or counter with parchment paper. 

  2. Arrange 8 pretzel sticks with the centers touching and the outer edges spaced like a web.

  3. Melt the melting wafers according to the package instructions, approximately 2 minutes in a microwave in 30 second increments or 3 minutes over a double boiler.

  4. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil to keep the chocolate shiny.

  5. Transfer to a piping bag or ziploc bag and cut the tip to create a small hole.

  6. Pipe a small amount of the melted candy onto the center of each web where the pretzels meet to hold the webs together. Then pipe a web pattern by starting in the center and spiraling out to the edges. Go around the outer edges a couple times to create a firm border.

  7. Carefully spoon over the sprinkles.

  8. Let it set for an hour at room temperature. For warm or humid climates, chill the chocolate webs for 30 minutes before serving. 

  9. Arrange on a platter and serve. 

Original recipe inspiration from Food Network

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