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Raspberry Punch


Raspberry punch a.k.a. Holiday punch in my home is a cool, refreshing blend of raspberry and cranberry flavors with sizzling ginger ale. Although super simple to assemble with just a few store bought ingredients, it's always the first one to go. Make it special by dressing it up with raspberries during summer and cranberries during winter.


  • Cranberry Raspberry juice - 64 oz

  • Ginger ale - 1 liter

  • Raspberries - 12 oz

  • Cranberries - 1/2 cup

  • Rasberry sherbet - about 10 scoops

  • Sugar to taste - 1 tbsp or less


  1. Puree the raspberries and sugar.

  2. Transfer to the punch bowl and add the juice and ginger ale - stir.

  3. Add the sherbet scoops

  4. Decorate with cranberries or raspberries, maybe both.

  5. Enjoy! 

Tip: Since we don't add ice to the mixture, please make sure that the juice and ginger ale are well chilled before mixing. This also helps the sherbet hold up longer. 

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