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Paal Paniyaram Mixed Platter

This is a classic chettinad recipe. I like to prepare a sweet and savory version and serve it in the evening. Like most of my recipe versions, this is mildly sweet but packed with flavor. 

Paniyaram savory


  • Urad dal 1/2 cup

  • Raw rice 1/2 cup

  • Coconut milk 1 cup

  • Cardamom - few pods

  • Milk 1/2 cup

  • Cardamom - few pods

  • Salt to taste

  • Sugar to taste

  • Pinch of Nutmeg


  1. Wash and soak the urad dal and raw rice for 2- 3 hours. 

  2. Grind the mixture to a super fine paste along with salt adding very little water. The mixture has to be ground till it is thick and fluffly (idli batter consistency. Tip: Add a couple of icecubes to the batter to keep it cold and fluffy.

  3. Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan. 

  4. Take spoonfuls of the batter and drop into the hot oil on medium heat. Tip: The batter must rise to the surface immediately. If it takes too long, heat the oil a little more before frying the fritters. 

  5. When they are golden brown, drain them and put them aside. 

  6. In a separate pot, warm the milk, add coconut milk, powdered cardamom and  grated nutmeg for about 5 minutes. Cool the mixture. 

  7. Add the fritters (paniyaram) to the coconut mixture till they absorb the milk. Serve immediately.

  8. Optional : For the savory fritters, add a handful of chopped cilantro and finely chopped green chilli to the batter before frying. 

  9. You can serve the savory fritters (paniyarams) with any chutney of your sauce. I serve mine with a tamarind garlic chutney. 

  10. Enjoy! 

Products used in this recipe

Raw rice

Urad dal


Did you try this recipe? I'd LOVE to see it! 

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